AE Light AEX-SEALS Xenide Rubber Seals for AEX20 & AEX25

Sale price$6.50


AE Light Xenide AEX20 HID handheld searchlight is so powerful it will light objects many hundreds of feet away. Turn night into daylight with this powerful HID searchlight. This powerful HID searchlight has a clear vision distance of 1000' with a projected distance of up to 2500'. The clear crisp beam makes target identification much easier. Used by law enforcement agencies, industrial users, and home owners alike, you will be amazed by its powerful beam and your ability to see items that were once left in the dark.

  • Xenide Rubber Seals for AEX20 & AEX25
  • Dimension: 1" H x 2" W x 2" L

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