American Valve P200FC 3 3 in. CPVC Ball Valve with Flanged Ends PTFE S

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American Valve is dedicated to providing dependable products and services of the highest standards. The valve brand has represented innovative research and products built with confidence and quality. Our products are energy saving benefits as Zero Leakage and Build-up Resistance. Our valve is designed and monitored to minimize the impact of harmful chemicals on the health and safety of people and the environment.

  • CPVC Ball Valve with Flanged Ends PTFE Seats
  • Seals in both directions
  • Unique double union/double block design permits in-line maintenence without disconnecting pipe
  • External adjustment allows compensation for seat wear
  • Quick and easy disassembly without the use of special tools
  • The handle doubles as a spanner wrench
  • Built-in actuator mounting pad
  • Manufactured in compliance with ASTM F1970
  • Not recommended for service or test with compressed air or gases
  • Body Material: PVC, CPVC
  • Size: 0.5 to 4 inch
  • End Types: Flanged
  • Pressure Rating: 150 PSI at 73 degree F
  • Maximum Temperature: 140 degree F & 180 degree F
  • Test Pressure: 225 PSI
  • Body: PVC, CPVC
  • Stem-O-Ring: EPDM, FPM
  • Stem: PVC, CPVC
  • Ball: PVC, CPVC
  • Seat: PTFE
  • Carrier-O-Ring: EPDM, FPM
  • Seal Carrier: PVC, CPVC
  • Union O-Ring: EPDM, FPM
  • Union Ends: PVC, CPVC
  • Union Nut: PVC, CPVC
  • Handle: ABS
  • Insert Nut: C3604
  • Flange: PVC, CPVC
  • Seat O-Ring: EPDM, FPM
  • Size ØD: 7.52
  • Size ØD1: 5.98
  • Size: 3 in.
  • Size ØD2: 6.42
  • Size Ød: 2.72
  • Size H1: 5.12
  • Size n-Øe: 4 - 0.75
  • Size L: 11.97
  • Size L1: 6.22
  • Size L2: 8.82
  • Size T: 0.75
  • Size Cv: 480
  • Applications: Isolation valves, water treatment, water features, fountains, aquariums, landfills, swimming pools, power plants, mining, transportation, chemical processing

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