AvoSeedo 2.0 - Pet Avocado

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This version will have your kiddies loving growing their very own pet avocados. The AvoSeedo is shaped like a bear and comes with many different stickers so that they can customize the look of their little pet.

Due to its smart design, success rates of germinating avocados will increase dramatically. Watering intervals will be reduced, as water levels only need to be checked now and then. 

As long as some water remains in the pot or pond, the pit stays wet and there is little chance that the seed will dry out – thanks to the ground hole. It also allows the developing roots to grow and to expand freely. By the way, the hole is not simply round but has the shape of a heart instead. While this may as well add to the cuteness factor of the new AvoSeedo, it is also a functional feature. It makes sure that avocado seeds of all sizes will be held firmly in its place. Even if the seed cracks open during the germination process, it won’t sink.

The brand new AvoSeedo is, without a doubt, the easiest way to germinate avocados, and kids will love their new ‘pet’. 

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