Blue Planet Bath Bomb Kit, DIY Bath Bomb Kit makes 6 blue planet

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Be the ruler of your own universe as you create your own planet bath bombs!
Roxy Grace knows that girly-girls shouldn’t get to have all the fun, so we created our Galaxy Bath Bomb Kit for anyone and everyone to use. This kit contains all the ingredients and supplies you’ll need to create our fizzy, all-natural Planet Bath Bombs, which are molded to look like the stunning planet Saturn for a cool, unisex design. Available in two colors and scents, this kit is perfect for both the home scientist and the kitchen beautician!
Contents of the Galaxy Bath Bomb Kit: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Witch Hazel, Mica Color, Natural Fragrance Oil, Bath Bomb Mold, a pipette, and Directions.
Styles: Blue Tropical Island (makes 6 Blue Planet Shaped Bath Bombs)
Pink Grapefruit (makes 6 Pink Planet Shaped Bath Bombs)

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