Bungee Dock Line Shock Bungee Docking Rope Stretchable Mooring Rope SP

Color: Black
Sale price$20.99



Eliminate the jerking and tugging on your docked boat caused by non-bungee dock lines

Features a loop and clip at each end for easy attachment and quick docking

The bungee cord is hidden inside the rope and acts as a built-in snubber

Two EVA foam floats protect the boat from chafing

Bungee Dockline 4ft (122cm) in length, stretches to 5.5 ft(152cm)


Withstand strength: 1000KG (2200LBS)

Diameter: 16mm

Weight: about 115g

Boat Dock Line Material: PE+PP     

Color: Black

Package Included:

2 x Ropes

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