Children's Smart Posture Correction Belt and Posture Corrector

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  • Angle sensing

Smart vibration reminder, if the hunchback is bent more than 25°, the corrector will vibrate immediately.

  • Figure 8 design

Ergonomics, compound body curve when wearing, more close-fitting, no sense of restraint

  • Scientific correction

Cultivate physical memory, wear it for 2 hours a day, stick to it for 3 weeks, improve hunchback, raise your head and chest, and improve your temperament

  • Minimal but not simplify

Simple and generous design combined with smart technology to help you improve your posture and image

  • Monitoring body vibration reminder

When the forward bending tension of the posture is abnormal, it will immediately vibrate to remind

  • Long-lasting storage

Charging for 1 hour, can be used for 15 days, 400mAh battery, long-term storage of electricity, correction of body shape

Product Information

Material: high-strength nylon belt/PC+PP

Function: spine correction/stretching chest expansion/improving kyphosis/preventing rickets/protecting eyesight

Battery capacity: 400mAh-USB universal charging interface

Steps for usage

1. Adjust the shoulder strap to a suitable length

2. Put on the correction belt and turn on the switch

3. Maintain the correct posture for 3-5 seconds until correction, with vibration, the setting is complete

4. Just wear and use normally, the hunchback will vibrate when 20-25°

Package Include:

1*Posture corrector

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