Cleanzy – Multi Purpose Dry Wipes

Size: 100 Count Pack
Sale price$9.74


  • Easily picks up tough Dust, Dirt, Grease, Oil Stains, Grime: It is absorbent, soft, disposable and a perfect for traditional clothes

  • High absorbency reduces the number of wipes needed to control spills in comparison to paper tissues/towels

  • Convenient and Easy to use on : Kitchen Surfaces, Vehicles, Bathroom Surfaces, Glassware, Windows and Blinds, Furniture, Sports Equipment's, Silverware. 

  • Eco - Friendly "Unlike the rags and dish sponges that accumulate foul smell after cleaning, can be disposed after one use thereby - Keeping the Air fresh around your home and office - Removing the need to launder - Saving time - Improving Hygienic practices - Anti Bacterial qualities reduce contamination risk "

  • It is a highly versatile piece of fabric due to its strength when pulled along the same straight lines

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