Cooling Ice Sports Towel Microfiber Soft Breathable Workout Fitness

Color: Dark Blue
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Material: polyester, nylon

Product category: sports towel

Weight: 85g

Size(length * width): 9.8*5.3inch

Color: dark blue, hot pink, sky blue


  • Lightweight and breathable

All the fibers used are safe and non-toxic. Compared with ordinary moisture-proof fabrics, this fabric is light, breathable and comfortable to wear.

  • Cool effect

Cold fabrics adjust the temperature by absorbing heat, and the cooling factor gives people a cool comfort. Improve the comfort and safety of sports process, and help athletes quickly lower their body temperature and recover their physical strength after sports.

  • Lightweight and portable

Easy to carry; It can be reused many times during exercise, which is low-carbon and environment-friendly.

  • Widely used

Cold-feeling towel suitable for sports, going out, gardening, leisure and other occasions.


1. Please do not leave this product with dirt for a long time, which may cause mold.

2. When stored in a place with poor ventilation effect for a long time, mold may be produced or the cooling effect may be weakened. Please dry it thoroughly before keeping it.

3. Please do not use washing powder or soap to clean this product, which may weaken the cooling effect, fade or damage it.

4. Please do not put it in water for a long time.

5. Please do not soak in liquids other than waterway water (salt water and seawater), which may weaken the cooling function of this product.

Package includes

1*Cooling Towel 

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