Day of the Dead Animal Necklace Interchangeable Sugar Skull Pendant -

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Whether you’re into cute house pets or cuddly woodland creatures, the Day of the Dead Animal necklace is the item for you. Made of 316L stainless steel and color epoxy to bring out the intricate details in the heart and body of the pendant. The Animal Lover necklace also comes with three interchangeable sugar skulls, featuring a cat, a dog and a bear, each with a glimmering Swarovski crystal at the center. Display your penchant for animals with a different lovable critter. 316L Stainless Steel with red and black epoxy and WhiteSwarovski crystalPouch included Pendant Size: Cat W: 0.98" H: 1.42" Dog W: 1.34" H: 1.42" Bear W: 1.29" H: 1.42" Chain Length:27"

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