Dragon Necklace "Dragon Claw Seal Red" Dragon Pendant Adorned with Red

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Controse presents dragon claw seal red faceted glass pendant necklace. The Dragon claw necklace with red glass gives a whole new reality to a myth with this unique dragon claw pendant. Dragons are one of the most prominent mythological creatures, andtheir symbolism abounds in both ancient and modern culture. Though tattoos are often gender-neutral in their meaning, the dragon is one exception. On women, dragons can represent how woman is the ultimate creator of life, as well as the immense power that is underneath the surface of her outward reserve and gentle appearance. On men, a dragon tattoo can represent a combination of wisdom and power: they are both revered and feared. Dragon claw is made of high quality 316L Stainless steel with blacked finish seal with red faceted glass. Pendant Size: W: 0.71" H: 0.94" Necklace Length 16" plus 2" extender with lobster claw clasp. Pouch included 316L Stainless Steel with red faceted glassPouch included Pendant Size: W: 0.71" H: 0.94"Chain Length: 16" plus 2" extender

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