Face Slimming Belt Inflatable Anti Wrinkle and Double Chin Reducer

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Reusable Double Chin Reducer: 

Forget about the traditional one time use V line mask. You can easily wash our facial slimming strap and reuse to get an incomparably youthful appearance! Prolong your youth by reducing double chin, remove wrinkles, and prevent the face from shagging.

Cheek contour: 

According to the cheek design, scientifically and reasonably apply pressure

Tighten small face: 

The tightening force is several times that of the ordinary V face band. The air pressure correction effect is obvious. 30 minutes a day, it is easy to have a compact small face

Three belts fixed: 

It can be adjusted according to the face shape, so that your use effect is more effective

High-quality fabrics: 

high-elastic and breathable fabrics, high-elastic lycra cloth, comfortable to the touch, light and breathable, enhance the user's wearing experience.

Air pressure effect: 

Closed air inner core airbag, air pressure face-lifting to improve double chin effect more


Fabric material: high elastic Lycra

Function: Lift the masseter muscle, shrink the chin, physical V face

Package Includes:

1 x Face Slimming Strap


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