Fluorocarbon Coated Nylon Durable Fishing Line 300M/328Yds SP

Size: 1.25/6.72LB
Sale price$8.99



The materials used in this fishing line are fluorocarbon coating and nylon thread, and the color is transparent and black. The fluorocarbon coating can reduce the visibility of the fishing line when it is immersed in water, and the transparent color also improves the invisibility of the fishing line.

The fishing line has fast cutting water, strong pulling force and super high abrasion resistance. Suitable for all kinds of sea fishing and freshwater lure long throwing.


Material: Nylon raw silk

Process: Fluorocarbon coating process

Color: transparent and black

Length: 300M/328Yds


1.25# (diameter 0.18mm/0.0002Yds; tensile force 3.05Kg/6.72Lb)

1.75# (diameter 0.23mm/0.00025Yds; pulling force 4.8Kg/10.58Lb)

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