Mosaic Medallion Necklace

Color: Blue/Red
Sale price$14.24


Beautiful necklaces with colorful chips all placed by hand, creating vibrant and fascinating designs in leaves, hearts, stunning flowers and mandalas in a single round center brass medallion pendant with a sturdy, black cotton spun thread chord and gold tone ball charms. This is a grab and go necklace for your boho dress days or even with your casual jeans and flowing tops. 

Mosaic necklaces are versatile in look and pair well with many different styles, so be sure to experiment with these gorgeous pieces, there are many styles to choose from! 




 *Length: 17 inches

 Pendant: Length 2 inches and 2 inches in width

 100% Cotton chord & Handmade 

  Ball and loop closure 

  Brass, base metal, cotton chord

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