Polarized Sports Men Sunglasses Road /Cycling Bicycle Riding Glasses

color: grey
The color of the frame: PC/Grey
Sale price$18.95


1 glasses case with cleaning cloth
1 glasses bag
1 glasses rope

Package of the product:
Condition: New in Original
Packaging Box
Weight: About 30g / pair

Advantages: PC space lens is made of polycarbonate, which is essentially different from ordinary resin (CR-39) lens! PC is commonly known as bulletproof glass, so PC lens adheres to the excellent characteristics of the impact resistance of raw materials, and because of the high refractive index and light specific gravity, it greatly reduces the weight of the lens, and has advantages such as anti ultraviolet. If there is no problem in the process, the weight is lighter than that of ordinary resin, and the impact resistance is higher than that of ordinary resin.

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