Pneumatic Car Brake Fluid Bleeder Brake Oil Replacement Kit

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The brake fluid bleeder is a best tool to replace the brake fluid for your vehicle without any effort. One-person-use design is different from the traditional manual brake fluid bleeding. It manipulate more simple and efficient.

1. Fit for most vehicle
2. Suitable for one-man operation
3. Quick clean and efficient operation without the need for a special brake cover
4. Works with a standard workshop air supply of approx. 90-120 psi
5. Draws fluid from the brake nipple enabling brake bleeding or full replacement of fluid in the system
6. 4 different fluid bottle adapters to fit your master cylinder

1. Inlet Air Pressure: 6-12bar (87-174 psi)
2. Air Consumption: 180ltr/min
3. Air Requirement: 90 - 120 PSI
4. Oil Extraction Container Capacity: 1L
5. Container Capacity: 0.75L
6. Thread Connection: 1/4" BSP (Female)
7. Vacuum: 60%

Package Includes:
1 x Brake and Clutch Bleeder
1 x Refill Container
4 x Plastic Adapters
1 x Connector
1 x User Manual

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