Portable atomizer 2 Atomization Modes Kids Adult Medical Equiptment SP

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2 Atomization Modes

The mask atomization and mouthpiece atomization can be changed according to different situations

Light Weight And Easy To Carry

Designed with self-clean function, there is no more clogging. When it is blocked and does not produce mist, just start the auto-clean mode, it will work normally, small in size, can be processed, or can be sprayed at any time and anywhere, sO that the atomization can be selected by you.

Waterless Detection Technology 

It will auto-shut off when there is no water in the cup, there is no need to worry about destroying the machine.

Super Quiet 

The noise is less than 25dB during working, it will not wake your kids when they are sleeping sound.


The mask is made of PP (polypropylene), and does not contain DEHP (plasticizer/plasticizer).


Unable to install the battery, please plug in the power to use


Name:portable atomizer

weight: 363 g



Atomized particles:1-5um

Working frequency: 1 10KHz 土10KHz

Aeration rate:>0.35ml/min

Liquefied cup capacity 10ml

Product size:40*40* 105mm/1.6x1.6x4.1inch

Working temperature 5° C-40° C

Working noise: <25db

Package Included:

-1 x atomizer

-1 x connecting pipe

-1 x adult face mask

-1 x children's face mask

-2 x atomized mouthpiece

-5 x medicine cup

-1 x sealing ring

-1 xDC12V transformer

-1 x English user manual

-1 x color box

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