Portable Fast Household Food Pressure Sliding Lid Sealing Machine SP

Color: White
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  • high quality

    The double-life heat-resistant ironing belt makes the sealing machine durable, and the ABS material and silica gel make it soft and easy to hold; the sealing machine has a built-in mini utility knife, which is easier to open the bag and is multi-purpose.

  • Safe design

    The ingenious safety structure design hides the heating wire under the safety sliding cover. You must open the lid to use it to prevent pressure and misheating.

  • Lightweight and compact, convenient to carry

    Small leather label, which can be used to hang up the sealing machine. It has convenient magnetic stickers and refrigerator for easy access. It is also a tasteful home element. A machine with dual functions, carry it with you, not only with the sealing machine, but also with a convenient knife.

  • Easy to use

    Built-in core heating film, high efficiency and low loss, quickly reach the sealing temperature. After installing the battery, just press to start heating. Place the bag to be sealed in the middle, and then slowly pull it at a constant speed.

    Replace battery:Step 1: open the upper cover of the sealing machine 180 degrees;Step 2: Push the safety sliding cover toward the rear of the machine until it is separated from the fuselage.


Product model: F D

Heating sealing: monofilament heating sheet

Power source: 2 AA alkaline batteries (alkaline is a must~~)

Product material: ABS plastic, silica gel, copper, ceramic, nickel

Product color: green, white

Product size: 8.5*4.5*4.2cm

Packing size: 10.0*6.5*4.4cm

Product weight: 68g/piece

Products include:

1 x FD sealing machine

1 x manual

1 x test bag


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