Stackable Underwear Drawer Organizer 4-piece Set Perfect Storage

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Easy to find: Classify underwear, socks, ties, scarves, bras, accessories, etc. Easily find the clothes you want to wear without going through all the clothes. Reduce dressing time by 50%. From the beginning there was a neat and beautiful day.

Save space: These stackable linen basket dividers provide a charming and stylish look for your wardrobe drawers. Not only is it suitable for organizing underwear, socks, and panties, it can be easily done when needed, and it can also store cosmetics and other items that need to be organized.

Safety: The bra organizer made of non-woven fabric is environmentally friendly and safe, and has good air permeability. It maintains a lasting attractiveness through a wet cloth and can be easily cleaned for many years.


【Combination 4-Piece Set】:4 Sets of Drawer Organizer of Different Sizes, Divided into 6 cells, 7 cells, 8 cells, and 24 cells,Suitable for Closet Storage and Dresser drawer organizer.

【Foldable Design】:There is a zipper at the bottom of the box, and the storage box can be easily folded when opened, and the storage box can be folded and placed when not in use, which does not take up space.

【Grid Design, Perfect Storage】:You can neatly store underwear, ties, socks, scarves, towels and other household items.Reasonable storage, find what you want at a glance.


Pattern: Solid color

Material: Fabric

Specific material: Non-woven fabric and cardboard

Color: Beige 


6 cells: 32*16*9cm/12.6*6.3*3.57inch

7 cells: 32*32*9cm/12.6*12.6*3.57inch

8 cells: 32*16*9cm/12.6*6.3*3.57inch

24 cells: 32*32*9cm/12.6*12.6*3.57inch

Package Included:

Four-piece underwear box

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