Wet And Dry Commercial Vacuum Sealing Machine (black US standard) SP

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  • By removing all of the air from inside a bag, bottle or jar, applying heat to firmly seal them closed, your food products will be fresh for 5 to 7 times longer. Meat won't brown in the bag, food stored in the fridge won't get freezer burn, and dry goods won't get bad or buggy. The less time you spend shopping, the more money you save.

  • Vacuum sealing machine is well designed. 3 Modes offer you the best food preservation way. You can choose mode according to the different types of food. If you have no idea to choose which kinds of preservation methods, you can refer to the instruction manual. Please note that please wipe the water on the surface of foods when sealing the wet foods.

  • As all we know, Food spoilage is caused by tiny creature and oxygen in the air.So we designed this vacuum sealer machine, which can remove air and automatic sealing, Achieve the purpose of effectively delaying food spoilage.


    [Vacuum Pump]

    The vacuum locks the freshness and no nutrition is lost.

    [Keep fresh]

    Prevent meat deterioration, vegetable rot, and food odor.

    [Continuous Sealing, Efficient Work]

   Rapid heat dissipation, energy saving and low consumption, non-destructive separate sealing.

    [Multiple bags can be sealed]

    It is suitable for bags with lines, no lines, and folded corners.

    [Strong Suction]

    Can quickly evacuate the air.

    [Wide Range of Applications]

    Suitable for dry/moist/soft/powder food.


    Dimensions: 13.78 x 5.79 x 2.63 in

    Item Weight: 1250g

Package Includes:

    1 x  Vacuum Sealer

How To Use:

   1. Place the pocket in the frame and place it flat.

   2. Close the cover, press both sides of the machine by hand, and the cover is tight when you hear "click".

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