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EMPYR Loves Charities

Strategic Growth

Most charities focus on quarterly fundraising and yearly revenue rather than sustainable growth strategies. EMPYR helps build awareness and grow resources in order for charities to obtain funding goals while staying on mission.  Most organizations aren’t reaching the full potential of their network and often times neglect their network until fundraising season.  With EMPYR, charities can have a consistent brand presence with their loyal supporters. 

Charities Love EMPYR

Private Labeling

We provide access to tens of thousands of products from wholesalers to be private labeled and sold as a means to generate revenue for charities with consumer goods that are staples of every household. We work with key personnel to create and design unique labeling as well as the necessary commercial and ad content to promote the products you choose.

Marketing Your Mission

We market through our collective partners to direct traffic to the charity’s private websites as well as our platform to increase reach and promote the cause. Most importantly, we have a zero-cost option to our family of charities as well as additional world-class marketing services. In essence, EMPYR provides a continuous, residual revenue stream for charities to reach their goals year after year. 

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