2A/3A Fast Charging Magnetic Charging Cable For Android IOS Type-C SP

Size: 1M
Color: Black
Style: 2A 3 IN 1
Sale price$7.99



  • Connector upgrade

More gold-plated contacts, faster charging and transmission, 2A/3A high current with multi-metal contacts, charging and transmission really speeding up.

  • SR reinforcement

Reinforced connector, refused to break, a new definition of real material and practical data cable, TPE reinforced connector, can withstand repeated bending, plugging and unplugging, withstand 10,000 more violent bending.

  • Magnetic blind insertion, automatic adsorption

Close to the automatic adsorption, charge it at the touch of a touch. It can be used as a dust plug with strong magnetic force and more stable suction.

  • Safe and efficient

The magnetic adsorption design reduces the number of plugging and unplugging with the mobile phone interface; thereby reducing the damage to the mobile phone.After structure optimization, the cost is lower and the defect rate is lower

  • Durable braid

Nylon braided thread, strong tension will not break, strength and appearance coexist, high strength, good toughness, wear resistance, no knots.


Length: 1M, 2M (39 inch,79 inch)

Weight:1M(0.06 lb)  ,2M(0.1 lb)

Colour: Black , Blue,Red

Number of branch connectors: single head

Applicable devices: Type-c

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