Garden Iron Wood Double Wheel Garden Cart

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The garden dump cart to be used on even the most unstable of surfaces. The bed can be tipped easily, allowing you to transport and dump garden supplies, decorations, sand, or gravel and the locking mechanism also keeps it safely in place. The garden cart is made of sturdy plastic, can put 600 pounds of goods on a flat platform, and the inclined shape can hold and dump up to 220 pounds of goods. With easy assembly this heavy duty wagon is built to last. Don't be hesitated! Come and buy one! You won't regret it!

1. High quality and brand new
2. Easy to Maneuver
3. Functional - Multi-Use Garden Wagon
4. Easy to clean
5. 180 Degree Adjustable Handle: Flexible Handle.
6. Not easy to rust

1. Material: Steel
2. Color: Green
3. Dimensions: (57 x 24 x 25)" / (146 x 62 x 65)cm(L x D x H)
4. Product Weight:  24.2lb/ 12.5kg

Package Includes:
1 x Garden Dump Cart

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