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Soft Brush Applicator For teeth whitening:
• It's a very quick and comfortable tooth whitening product, no harmful to health
• Twist the head, apply a layer of gel onto your teeth
• No Leakage issue
• Easy to take and convenient to use

• You can use anytime or anywhere
• Product weight:15g



Tooth whitening pen is a tooth whitening product that do not need any tray. 

You enjoy using it while on the move. Containing high quality, viscous whitening gel you can achieve up to 11 shades whiter. 

It safely and effectively removes all external stains on your teeth caused by things like coffee, tea and red wine.



The super-convenient Whitening Pen allows you to whiten anytime, anywhere! 

Whitening pens can be used to whiten your teeth any time you wish even if you are sleeping, working, driving your car or any other time that a usual tooth whitening system is not convenient. 

So you can pack in your tooth whitening pen kit in your luggage, put it in your pocket or purse so that you can easily take your tooth whitening pen kit to any where you are going.

How to use

1. Brush and loss your teeth

2. Dry your teeth with a tissue

3. Twist the bottom of the pen clockwise(to the right) until a little gel flows from the gel chamber on to the brush. For first use you may need more twisting.

4. Smile wide keeping lips away from your teeth.

5. Use even brush strokes to apply a thin layer of gel to each tooth. Do NOT apply gel the gums.

6. Relax your lips after 30 seconds.

7. Avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes after treament

8. Use twice daily until your teeth have reached your desored shade of while.

9. Be sure to replace the lid, to keep the serum from drying out. Store in a cool place preferably refrigerate.


• To use the pen, just twist the end to release some gel onto the in-built brush. Brush onto front surface of the teeth. After 15 minutes brush gel off using a toothbrush.

• Tooth whitening pen gel is one of the strongest formulations in the market. It deep into the tooth to lighten the internal pigments that stained your teeth. 

• Designed to provide whitening maintenance after an initial whitening treatment, the Whitening Pen is the perfect way to maintain your whiter smile - or alternatively use alone, twice a day for up to 20 days or until desired shade has been reached, for most users this takes only 1 week.


Treatment range:

1. Home Use

2. For the teeth affected exogenously, such as the teeth affected by coffee, sauce, tea etc 
3. For mildly, mildly tetracycline affected teeth

4. For genetic yellow teeth

5. For unknown reason yellow or black teeth

1. For cosmetic use only.
2. Don't swallow, avoid contact with eyes.
3. Store in a cool, shaded place out of the reach of children.
4. Temporary tooth sensitivity may occur, but discontinue use upon sustained discomfort or irritation.

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